Rora Christian Fellowship and Conference Centre


Malcolm and Christine Ford started travelling to Romania in 1983. Following the revolution in 1989, a charity called Aurora Christian Association (or ACA for short) was formed, both in the UK and in Romania.

The work of ACA is mainly run in the village of Vulcan, which is approx. 18 km from Brasov. We have many projects underway in Vulcan. Regular activities include 2 Kindergarten classes, homework club, canteen, boys and girls clubs, building projects etc. The canteen feeds 100 poor children and old people 1 meal a day, 5 days a week. We have a sponsorship programme for children in the canteen, sponsor leaflet available to download below). Aid, which is sent from the UK, is sorted and distributed to those in need. ACA currently have 2 properties next door to each other which are used for all the projects and hospitality, Casa Betania and Casa Betel.

There are currently 8 Romanian workers committed to ACA, most of whom are sponsored from the UK.



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